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 Judy Zummo –  Be Careful What You Complain About

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  Be Careful What You Complain About

Judy Zummo

A Rhode Island Red hen has chosen our home for her new residence.    As with all chickens, she arrived not housebroken and stinky but nonetheless made it quite clear that we  were her chosen family.     She found the flexible flyer sled to be a comfortable roost and refused to go anywhere else.    What did we do, we built her a roost close to the house but off the porch hoping to get rid of her mess and smell.    We moved the sled into the garage and out of her sight but to no avail, she simply moved her roost to the cooler which is stored on the corner of the front porch.

On a bright side though she presented us with an egg every day.   There was no doubt about their freshness and they were delicious .    She also made friends with, Daxx,  our ninety pound mutt who in turn became her protector.   Quite an odd couple!

She ate with the horses sharing their feed and avoiding their hooves.    During the day she moved from the paddock with the horses the shelter of the horse trailer where she pecked for bugs.    Then made her way to the barn in search of more bugs.    As night would begin to fall she made it back to the house and her chosen perch where she spent the night.   Bright and early she would rise and start her new day following her routine.

Sadly though, last night some critter came onto the front porch under the cover of darkness and killed her.    Daxx asked to go out and took off after something we did not see which must have prevented whatever it was from dragging her off.  She must have put up quite a fight as we found feathers everywhere not too far from the house.

Our hearts are heavy today.   Although she was not something we would have chosen as a pet, we have grown somewhat attached to her and will miss her.   She was rather entertaining.

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