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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A New Year – A Day At A Time – March 13 – 22 – The Journey continues…

MARCH 13, 2019…My daughter’s definition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” –

flying around, throwing things into closets before guests arrive.

MARCH 14, 2019…My fall-back for a rough day…

could be worse…could be trying on bathing suits.

MARCH 15, 2019…Calories are tiny seamstresses who live in your closet

and make your clothes smaller while you’re sleeping.

MARCH 16, 2019…Fifty people were shot dead today because of hatred.

Why do people want to destroy those different from themselves?

MARCH 17, 2019…My children grew up with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Today, we all wish we could move there.

MARCH 18, 2019…I have a friend who’s a hoarder.

He says it isn’t hoarding if it’s cool stuff.

MARCH 19, 2019…I don’t mind getting older.

I DO mind looking it.

MARCH 20, 2019…Every woman knows…

it’s better to arrive late, than ugly.

MARCH 21, 2019…My grandchildren live several states away.

I’ve gotten really good at long-distance spoiling.

MARCH 22, 2019…Am I the only grandmother who thinks her grand-children

are B&B – beautiful and brilliant?

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author who has published a memoir, four children’s books, two books of poetry, Tapestry; and Captured Moments, an anthology which includes poems by the James City Poets.

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A New Year – A Day At A Time – March 1-12 – The Journey Continues…

MARCH 1, 2019…I’m watching a mamma deer nuzzling her new fawn.

Life renewing life.

MARCH 2, 2019…Today, I was amazing.

Yesterday, I looked for my phone while talking on it.

MARCH 3, 2019…My friend’s teenager says he could be a morning person

if morning started at noon.

MARCH 4, 2019…Monday and the world’s off to work,

smiling on the outside, screaming on the inside.

MARCH 5, 2019…Spring happens in slow motion,

buds opening before my eyes.

MARCH 6, 2019…Girls can lead, make smart decisions,

say “no.”

MARCH 7, 2019…Nothing changes,

unless something changes.

MARCH 8, 2019…Six years ago, my husband departed this life for other realms.

Wish he could send back texts.

MARCH 9, 2019…If I had my life to live over, I would have found you sooner,

so I could have loved you longer.

MARCH 10, 2019…Wrote a poem today about the aches and pains of aging.

Each of my friends thought it was about her.

MARCH 11, 2019…If it’s a Monday holiday,

I declare it an “Add to Cart” day.

MARCH 12, 2019…I don’t like camping – no electricity, no running water.

It’s paying money to live like I grew up in the 40’s.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning author and poet. She has published four children’s books, two books of poetry and a memoir about growing up a coal miner’s daughter in the mountains of West Virginia, entitled, Daughter of the Mountains.

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – Support Your Local Authors

DID YOU KNOW…when you purchase a book you start a chain reaction that keeps print books and starving authors alive and well?

…You encourage an author – maybe a brand-new author – to keep on sharing their important stories. Our royalty checks allow us to buy more printer ink and reams of white paper (much of which winds up crumpled under the computer desk as we perfect those magic words.)

…You also encourage publishers to sign more authors whose unique stories might not otherwise be read.

…When readers purchase books, that encourages the establishment of new publishing companies, who publish more new authors, who inspire and brighten our lives.

…Thus, the cycle begins again. The cash register DINGS! A new author and new publisher get their wings! I’ve borrowed books from friends without even thinking about the effect it might have on the person who wrote the book or the company that published it. Now that I’m an author, I think about that missing DING! For a small price, usually $12-$15, I can make a big contribution to someone’s literary success. That’s a good feeling.

The company that publishes my books, High Tide Publications, is a small, woman-owned enterprise that is dedicated to the authors over fifty, which is an under served and often ignored market. When you purchase High Tide books, you are helping authors like me get our wings and get our stories into the world. You will be much appreciated!

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Cindy L. Freeman, Dad’s Get-Rich-Quick Scheme 3/26/19

My latest writing project is a memoir of my childhood growing up on a dairy farm. I hope it will be published by fall 2019. For a sneak preview, here’s one of the stories I plan to include:

Often throughout my childhood, my father devised get-rich-quick schemes. His goal was to be a millionaire. He was determined to never again live through anything like the Great Depression. Many of his ideas failed to materialize, but this time he had been reading in the Wall Street Journal about chinchillas, those furry rodents with highly valued pelts.

Dad researched until he found a source for purchasing several young chinchillas. Before they arrived, he set up large wire cages in the cellar and bedded them with wood shavings. Then, he ordered special food pellets formulated exclusively for chinchillas. Once the creatures grew to adulthood, he would sell them for their plush fur. The wood furnace in the cellar would keep the animals, whose natural habitat was Chile, toasty warm.

Despite Mighty Mouse being my favorite cartoon character, I was terrified of rodents and thought the animals looked no more valuable than the gray squirrels scampering about our yard.

One night, after all of us had fallen asleep, something strange happened. We were awakened by piano music in the form of raggedy glissandi ascending and descending the keyboard. Since the piano was in the living room just beyond my bedroom door, I was blamed for the nighttime interruption.

“Lucinda,” Mom called, “Stop playing the piano and go back to bed.” She always used my given name when she was scolding me.

“It’s not me!” I yelled.


“Not me!” my sister shouted from her room at the opposite end of the house.

“Well, whoever it is, go to bed.”

The strange music continued. After listening to a few minutes of melodic passages in a decidedly impressionistic style, Dad was compelled to get up and check it out.

You guessed it. Two of Dad’s chinchillas had escaped the cellar and were presenting their concert debut in our living room. As soon as I realized the rodents were loose, I got up, slammed my bedroom door, and cowered under the covers.

Dad, who had to get up before 5:00 a.m. for the morning milking, was not amused to have his sleep interrupted, but soon I heard him and Mom laughing amid much scuffling and bumping, followed by a few loud Schoenberg-type, atonal clusters (i.e. banging and crashing) on the piano. That night, we learned the hard way that, unlike squirrels, chinchillas were nocturnal.

Eventually, Mom and Dad corralled the perpetrators and returned them to their cages in the cellar. The house grew quiet again, but not before a Walton-family exchange of “good nights,” along with my parents’ heavy sighs and a few giggles.

Weeks later, Dad’s scheme ended abruptly when a chimney fire caused the cellar to fill with smoke. The chinchillas never stood a chance of performing at Carnegie Hall. Nor would they contribute their fur to rich people’s coats or line Dad’s wallet.

Cindy L. Freeman is the author of two award-winning short stories and three published novels: Unrevealed, The Dark Room and I Want to Go Home. Website:; Facebook page: Her books are available from or

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A New Year – A Day At A Time

FEBRUARY 20, 2019…

(Journey with me through my new birthday year as we “keep on, keepin’ on,” day at a time.)

I am seventy-six today.

How did that happen?

FEBRUARY 21, 2019…

Birthday cards pouring in.

Still giggling at the sympathy card.

FEBRUARY 22, 2019…

My brother has been hospitalized for weeks.

Makes my heart hurt.

FEBRUARY 23, 2019…

My granddad, a carpenter, was born on this day in 1894.

He helped me purchase my first “single Mom” home.

FEBRUARY 24, 2019

Saw a turtle snoozing in the tall grass.

Do you think turtles dream?

FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Some leaders are born women.

They are now running for president.

FEBRUARY 26, 2019

My granddaughter got braces recently.

She’s excited she looks like all her friends.

FEBRUARY 27, 2019

The robins are back.

Who told them it was time to return?

FEBRUARY 28, 2019

I have to deal with people today.

Send chocolate!

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY has published four children’s books: Herman the Hermit Crab and the Mystery of the Big, Black, Shiny Thing; Revolt of the Teacups; Buddy and Ballerina Save the Library; and Buddy the Bookworm Rescues the Doomed Books; two books of poetry, Tapestry; and Captured Moments; and a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains.