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Cindy L. Freeman – Fulfillment or Destiny? 10/23/20

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Have you considered what contributes to your fulfillment? Not just your enjoyment, but that deep sense of “This is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.” How does one go about discovering one’s life’s purpose or destiny? Somehow, I don’t feel fulfilled unless I’m expressing myself creatively.

At one time, my destiny was to be a singer. At another stage, my destiny was to be a teacher and choral director. Then, my destiny became founding a music school. Upon retirement, my destiny was to publish a novel. Have all of these things happened? Yes. Did they fulfill my life’s purpose? Perhaps these career goals contributed, but career goals don’t necessarily equate with destiny. 

Some years ago I read Eckhart Tolle’s inspiring book, A New Earth. It had such a profound effect on my thinking that I decided to read it again. In it, Tolle refers to this idea of fulfillment as “awakened doing.” He defines “awakened doing” as “the alignment of your outer purpose–what you do–with your inner purpose–awakening and staying awake.” It’s about discovering your life’s purpose and then thinking and doing life in such a way as to fulfill that destiny.

Do you think every human is born with a destiny? While Tolle describes destiny as becoming “one with the universe,” I’m convinced that true fulfillment comes from becoming one with God. Actually, that’s what Tolle is saying, too, when he writes about “align[ing] your life with the creative power of the universe.”

If one is moving through life in a constant state of awareness or “awakening,” this process of finding one’s destiny, Tolle claims, is possible. However, it is also a gradual process, even changing with different life stages. Why? Because finding and accepting one’s God-given purpose involves purging the ego. Ouch! Try accomplishing that in one sitting! Or even in one lifetime!  

Yet, it’s exactly what Jesus calls us to do when he says in the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).” Who are the meek? The meek are those without egos or rather those who are not controlled by their egos.

Ego tells us that we are better than/more deserving than others, that we must be famous, wealthy, and top in our field to live a fulfilled, purposeful life. Ego wants us to step on other peoples’ toes to get where we think we’re supposed to be, to achieve what we think we deserve. Ego encourages us to boast about our accomplishments instead of supporting and affirming others. Ego keeps us focused on ourselves and seeking constant approval.

It is challenging to sort out whether one’s career goals are in alignment with one’s destiny (God’s purpose for one’s life). At my stage of life, God is inspiring me to write…not to become a New York Times best-selling author, but as another step in fulfilling God’s purpose for me. How God uses my destiny is up to God, not me.

What creative fulfillment is God awakening in you?

Cindy L. Freeman is the author of four award-winning short stories and three published novels: UnrevealedThe Dark Room and I Want to Go Home. Website:; Facebook page: Cindy L Freeman. Her books are available through or  Coming soon: After Rain, Devotions for Comfort and Peace.

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