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Cynthia Frezek – Falling in Love with Words

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Sometimes a word appears and I fall in love with it immediately.  This time the word is “chimera” or “chimaera”, defined as a monster of classical myth or simply a fantasy or dream.  The sound of ki-mer’-a is perfect for placement in my poem about scenes reining in the underworld, or reigning in the underworld, depending on how I wish to use it.

In my dictionary, chimera lives beneath the word “chime,” the sound of bells and harmonious music, and above “chimichanga”, a deep fried flour tortilla with guacamole and salsa.  Chimichanga brings delicious memory with smell of fresh green chilies, a food truck in Taos!  Chime reminds me to check my Insight Timer app and find that I can join the 2,790 people all over the world currently meditating out of the 380,028 meditations recorded today.

Back to the present, I delight is sharing the stanza where chimera landed.

None of us know how chimera reins in the underworld

Solid as sequoia wrestling with stormy elements

A thin glass prism zipped in a pocket

Traps my wallpaper map of gridded city pages

Chimera came to me out of a newspaper column.  How was I to know its serendipitous power!  A quiet moment, however it may be embraced, is a way to play with words and let them spice the sounds of writing.

I’m still working on this poem with a thankful heart for inspiration from Adrienne Rich and parts of “Shooting Script.”


Poems of Cynthia Frezek were recently published in Captured Moments, An Anthology of James City Poets.  She is a member of both poetry and prose writing groups in Williamsburg and recently retired from a long career in clinical nursing and nursing education.


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