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Jeanne Johansen – Fear!

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My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one’s purpose, how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than one’s self. Coretta Scott King

Every mistake I ever made was based on fear. There was the fear of being too young; then the fear of being too old. There was the fear I would never find the right person to share life’s journey.

There was the fear of not knowing the answer. The fear of knowing the answer and the repercussions

of speaking it aloud. The fear of failure. The fear of success. There was the fear of not having a steady paycheck. The fear of having to change course. Fear, fear, fear

If that resonates with you, then perhaps what I am about to say will be your watershed moment.

I believe we are all on a path. It gets us to the same place; it’s just a different route. Sometimes we veer off the path (chosen by us, our parents, our spouse, etc.), but we get back on our path and head for the mountaintop.

That journey contains many stories of how we got where we are today. Some of them are funny; some aren’t. What matters are they are stories that have meaning to our lives. They are the stones we stepped on, skipped over, or clung to that got us to this point.

What would we have done differently? Why did we make the decisions we did? How did the pain or joy help us make better decisions, changes in direction, or push us on to a completely new route? To paraphrase Dr. Phil, “…and how did that work out for you?”

Over the last eight years, I have had the honor and privilege to work on memoirs with some of our authors. They are amazing stories that forced me to take a hard look at my life’s journey. There are more coming out this year – stories of enlightenment, bravery, suffering, redemption. Each one of them unique and breathless and brave journeys into the unknown.

I will blog a lot about this “memoir” thing this year. I want to encourage you to write your own stories. Write them for yourself, for others, for future generations.

Peace, Jeanne

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