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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – Fifty-Seven Voices (From the Democratic National Convention)

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They spoke in cornfields. 
They showcased calamari. 
They wore sarongs and leis. 
They cheered their candidates. 

We witnessed the contrasts of our land… 
dilapidated low-income housing, 
high-rise views of Lady Liberty, 
farm fields destroyed by storms. 

We heard voices of pain… 
children who’ve lost parents to covid, 
parents afraid to send children to school, 
jobless workers, reaching out for help. 

We cheered hope in the faces of diversity… 
young, old, all colors, all genders, 
Republican, Democrat, Independent, 
hands outstretched, pledging unity. 

Fifty-seven states and territories 
spoke their truth, shared their hopes, 
stepped up to nominate new leaders 
to guide America out of the darkness. 

We listened to our new team’s origin stories, 
met their families, felt their hearts. 
We critiqued their plans for us, We, The 
People, their ideas for our futures. 

We were reminded of the gravity of our choices – 
hate and division vs. fairness and acceptance; 
conspiracy theories vs. science and truth; 
daily corruption vs. honest government. 

The choice should be obvious… 
but good vs. evil is never that simple or easy. 
We must all vote on Nov. 3 and choose wisely.  
The planet, democracy, and our lives depend on it. 

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and the author of four children’s books; a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains; a book of poetry, Tapestry; a travel memoir, Road Trip. All books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, High Tide Publications, and the author. WATCH FOR A NEW POETRY BOOK, OUT IN SEPTEMBER, Walk With Me. 

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