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Grandchildren and Teacups

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I am a doting grandmother to Adaline, Emma and Zachary. I am constantly entertained by their sense of fun, their talents, their intelligence and their kind, loving hearts. Zachary, the youngest, is the happiest when he’s playing with cars, trucks and construction equipment, anything that varooms! Adaline and Emma love dressing up their Barbie’s and their American Girl dolls. But they are also talented little artists, spending hours drawing everything from self-portraits to teacups with faces and personalities. Their teacup pictures were the inspiration for my most recent children’s book, Revolt of the Teacups. I wrote the story around the tea cup characters they had drawn. My talented artist/friend, Vivien Mann, brought the characters and book to life with her wonderful illustrations. Adaline and Emma were so excited to get cover credit as Illustrators in Training. When they came to visit at Christmastime, we debuted the book and they autographed copies for family and friends. I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest with pride in our finished product. It’s a day I will always remember and I hope they will too.

This poem about the grandkids is from my first poetry book, Tapestry. If you have grandchildren, I’m sure you’ll relate.




They dance and they giggle,

give out lots of hugs.

They’re wide-eyed at rainbows.

They even like bugs.


They’re loving and trusting.

They’re smarter than us.

If something’s not perfect,

they shrug, “What’s the fuss?”


They remind us of wonderful

years that are past,

when their parents were children

The time went so fast.


Sharon Canfield Dorsey is an award-winning poet and author. She has published five books, including Revolt of the Teacups and Tapestry. Her poems are also included in an anthology, Captured Moments. All the books are available on Amazon and from High Tide Publications.






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