H. Scott Butler

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Night Journey

Someone is kidnapping and killing women in Harris County, Virginia. When sheriff’s investigator Cynthia Westbrook gets the call that there may be another victim, she and her partner, Jeff White, begin tracking suspects. But the search to find Alicia Bradford is complicated by Cynthia’s adversarial relationship with the good old boy network in the sheriff’s office, and by the appearance of Alicia’s uncle, a retired Baltimore detective intent on doing his own investigation. Set in Northern Virginia horse country, “Night Journey” takes the reader on a wild ride of twists and turns as competing investigators race to find the missing woman – dead or alive.



In H. Scott Butler’s second novel, Cynthia Westbrook returns to her Alabama hometown to investigate a cold-case murder. The savvy detective, now a well respected member of the sheriff’s department in Virginia, is seeking justice … and a past she’d become so adept at evading. Twenty-four years ago she was the only child of the murder victim. Now she’s back to find her mother’s killer –before he finds her.





Cynthia Westbrook, Harris County sheriff’s investigator, suddenly has a lot to deal with. A special friend is very ill, and to her regret she was less than gracious regarding his final request. On top of that, a bombing and a suicide occur only a day apart. Suspecting the two crimes are linked, she sets out to connect them–against her boss’s wishes. And in trying to discover the truth, she puts everything at risk: her job, her relationship with the man she loves, and ultimately her life.




Scott Butler

Scott Butler grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He graduated from LSU, went on to earn a doctorate in English at Duke University, and taught literature and film at a community college in eastern Virginia for many years.  Since his early retirement he has devoted his time to writing and to participating in a grassroots effort to preserve Fort Monroe, a former Army post of deep historic significance.  He and his wife, Susan, live in Blacksburg, Virginia