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Jeanne Johansen – The Best is Yet to Come!

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“Why, in the name of God and all that is holy, would you leave a great career and open a publishing business for people over 50?”

I’m psychotic? I’m senile? No, actually I’m mad.

You see, about seven years ago a twit wrote an Op-Ed article in the New York Times. In it, Mr. Smartie Pants (MSP from here on out) stated that “…if you haven’t published s best seller by the age of twenty-eight, forget about writing anything anyone would read.”

Well, that p****d me off. So I quit what I was doing and started High Tide Publications for authors over the age of 50 who wanted to write.

One of my favorite authors is Frank McCourt The Irish-American teacher who spent his youth in poverty and later became a teacher in New York did not become a published author until he was 66. His autobiographical book, Angela’s Ashes, became a best seller and won the Pulitzer Prize. He followed it with ‘Tis and Teacher Man. There are others who I will opine about in future blogs.

So, here I am am – eight years later with 40 books to our credit, eight more coming out this year, and new possibilities on the horizon. What keeps me going? Our authors do. They inspire me – with their stories, their grit, their dents in their fenders. I am inspired by what I know is in their head. Those HTP authors got me here,  keep me going, and I am eternally grateful.

To be continued-How Frank Milligan changed my life.

Jeanne Johansen owns High Tide Publications, Inc., a traditional publishing company created for the author over 50. She is an award winning published author.  Her new textbook Writing Your Memoir Ass Backwards is due out in May, 2018.

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