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Larry Finkelstein – Job Satisfactions and the GNP

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When I look at the statistics regarding the workforce that presently sound positive such as unemployment rate and GNP I wonder how much this reflects job satisfaction for the average American. We know that a majority of people feel less than satisfied with their work. It can be that their wages have not kept up with the cost of living or, even worse, they are unemployed and have stopped looking (so they are not even counted as unemployed, as if that made any sense) Or, it can mean they are in the wrong job, aren’t using their strengths, don’t feel like they are engaged in their work and are just treading water every day.


I wrote “and then I painted the garage” for the purpose of helping people get the job that matches who they are and what they want. It helps you understand your strengths and how to market yourself effectively. Based on the shortage that exists in filling so many jobs, this is the time where demand is greater than supply and real opportunity exists.

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