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Joyce Carr Stedelbauer – Alphabet Animals Go International – October 11, 2018

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Joyce Carr Stedelbauer

THE AWESOME PARTY is about to go to far-flung places!  I wonder if any of these animals like to fly?  Certainly the Owl, Junco, Ibis and Vulture know about the beauties of the sky but the Rhino’s and the Elephants are going to require big cages and they may get a funny feeling in their oversized tummies.

This colorful children’s book which was published by HIGH TIDE PUBLICATIONS in the spring has been chosen by the ladies in a community church to include in their Christmas Shoeboxes.  These wonderful surprise boxes are distributed every year by SAMARITAN’S PURSE to needy children all over the world. When these excited kids first open their gifts they will see animal faces smiling at them from the sunny yellow cover of THE AWESOME ALAPHABET ANIMAL BOOK.

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