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Joyce Carr Stedelbauer – Good News!

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I heard that the Hippopotamus are coming to the Awesome Alphabet Animal Party, in fact they’ve rented a big orange bus to bring them to the zoo.  They like cruising across the countryside so they can count the cows, admire the horses, sheep and goats.  They wish they could stay and play but don’t want to be late for the party. They come from a very long way away.

We visited some Hippo’s in Africa that call Lake Naivasha in Uganda home.  After tea served on a fully appointed table set with a white tablecloth out on the emerald lawn we were invited to step into a rowboat the size of a leaf.  Elijah, our guide welcomed us with his smile as wide as the lake.  All around the shore stood gaunt black trees with their feet in the water. Cormorants, drying their wings filled every branch.  We named them Cormorant Condominiums.  When we reached well into the deep water, Elijah laid his oars aside.  We waited silently, but not for long.
One by one the Hippos surfaced all around us, yawning as if they had been napping.  We could see all 40 teeth, like looking into the mouth of a cave. But it was a bit disconcerting when he told us that Hippos are not just herbivores but also will kill and eat meat.  We felt too close for comfort with only a few inches of freeboard.

I wonder who else is coming to the AWESOME ALAPHABET ANIMAL PARTY?


JOYCE CARR STEDELBAUER is an inspirational speaker and the author of four popular books of profiles in poetry of Biblical people.

HAVE YOU MET EVE?   Profiles in poetry for women today

HAVE YOU SEEN THE STAR?  Meditations and poems to enhance your Christmas celebration

WHO ROLLED THE STONE?  Meditations and poems for Lent and beyond.

WHERE ARE YOU ADAM?  Answers to God’s first question to man.

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