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Joyce Carr Stedelbauer – THE ALPHABET ANIMAL PARTY WAS AWESOME! – May 13, 2018

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Joyce Carr Stedelbauer

Last week my friend Lindy gave a fabulous party to introduce this new book from HIGH TIDE PUBLISHERS!  A handsome Zebra, a mischiefvious Monkey, the babies Hippo, and Rhinoserous, the antisocial Ostrich, Teddy Bears and the Long suffering Giraffe— (because countless children have slid down his neck), greeted the party guests in the front hall.

The Animal Party book was read and several of the questions asked of the audience. They didn’t know how many toes an Aardvark has, or what a group of Zebras is properly called, so they had to buy the book to find out all of this and more.  Jeanne Johansen, owner
and publisher has cleaned up the pages and restored exciting color to these incredible illustrations done a long time ago by second graders in my grandson’s class out in Washington state. Those children are all grownup now but their concepts of the birds and animals in the Alphabet poem have brought it to life.  The questions and artist prompts at the end of the book make it truly interactive for a wide age range.  A three-year old will love the rhythm and rhyme of the poem, older elementary can search out the answers, and even draw their own portrait at the end.

The response to the book was most enthusiastic. All of the available copies were sold, personalized with the child’s names, and signed by me.  So a new supply of books has been ordered for another party to be given soon by my friend Kathie.  Isn’t it wonderful to have such loving friends to share in the fun!

And then there was the delectable food!  The incredible dining room table hosted all edible animals!!!  A porcupine cheese ball, banana monkey cupcakes topped with animal crackers, an ingenious pineapple crocodile and a delightful, slinky sandwich snake!  The most amazing party!  Anyone want to copy this for a children’s birthday party?


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