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Judy Zummo – Winter is a Wonderful Time to Take Care of Important Things

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Judy Zummo

I listened to the weather forecast last night and got my hopes up.   The weather-person predicted “above normal temperatures, sunshine with a few high clouds and zero percent chance of rain.“  I decided immediately that the next day would be perfect for a long walk with the dog.  It would be a day to get rid of the cobwebs that had formed in my head and find an inspiration that had been frozen in my brain due to the long frigid winter.    But what am I doing now-I am sitting by the window watching the snow accumulate on the grass and on the top of my car!  In my next life I will comeback tall, beautiful and be a weather girl!   I will predict the weather that I would like to have and hope for the best.    If I get it wrong I will simply say, “the winds changed.”  “El Nino or la Nina is out of sorts.”  “We did not know that that the volcano that has lain dormant in the Indian Ocean for one thousand years would decide to erupt today.”

Being a meteorologist is the only profession that I know of where a person can be wrong more than half the time and still get paid.   Can you imagine how long a math teacher would keep a job if the students were given a worksheet for homework on which they were to find the area of a triangle after being given the formula A=πr^2!

Yes, definitely in my next life I will be a meteorologist.

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