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Larry Finkelstein – A New Path

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When you are going through a transition you have the opportunity to try something new. In some situations that is inevitable. When you graduate from school, leave military service, have your employer go out of business or have mandatory retirement, you will be given / confronted with choices. Or, your partner / spouse may need to relocate for a job. Perhaps you have been home raising children and they do longer need your presence during the day or you need extra income. Maybe you have burned out from your present job and need something that will rejuvenate you. With any of the above, you find you are at a crossroads.

When you make a change you will have to deal with feeling of loss and the anxiety of attempting something unfamiliar, balanced with the excitement of starting something new.

The challenge is that you are traveling to a new job and you are not certain what to do. In some cases, you may have a roadmap or GPS, or you may feel totally lost. So, what do you do?

I believe that you start with a comprehensive assessment of your abilities, motivators, values and personal preferences (see “and then I painted the garage” pages 31-83). Then, you explore what options you have through networking, research and informational interviews.

Next, you compare your previous experience with what is desired in the new position you are considering. Where there is a gap, can you reframe (redefine) what you have done so that it meets the requirements of where you want to go? Do you need additional experience (internship, training, volunteering)?

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