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Larry Finkelstein – Millennials and Job Search

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I have been reading various articles about Millennials and the challenges they face in a job search and have been struck with how many common denominators of the age group (23-38 in 2019) are  similar to the problems that most clients face. And, the same solutions will work for them

Holding on to beliefs that are based in the past. A danger for all job seekers. You need to understand yourself and the marketplace in the here-and-now. What you believed at 21 may no longer be true at 35, or 55.

Not recognizing their own strengths and values. Most people do not do a great job of recognizing what they have to offer or expressing it effectively.

Not knowing what they want. After all, we should be constantly assessing what is important to use at this time in our lives.

Having no clear strategy. Fire, aim, ready, is fairly typical for people feeling stuck. They take poorly thought out actions or freeze into inactivity.

Feeling isolated. Looking for a job is stressful. Being able to understand all your resources in family, friends, acquaintances and coworkers (and ex coworkers)

Making mistakes in logic when one particular thread does not work out. Over generalizing from one failure or not learning from experience. Basically, not following the serenity prayer.

Not paying attention to detail. Carelessness does in a lot of job searches; from not proofreading to failure to follow up with contacts.

All these issues have straightforward solutions.

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