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Larry Finkelstein – Staying Updated

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A number of research studies show that that life-long learning, the frequent, if not constant, upgrading of skills, is necessary to prosper, and maybe survive, in today’s job market. Most Americans agree, 54% in a Pew Research study, believe that they will need to get training and develop new skills to stay competitive. The history of employment is filled with those who failed to do so in every occupation.

It is also true that the ways of finding work have also evolved. Small, relatively stable comunities where everyone knew their neighbor and you would get a job lead from the person down the street have morphed into virtual neighborhoods where you need to understand at least some technology to know who can help you network or even fill out an applications. The degree of comfort you feel in using job apps or networking through LinkedIn is probably related to your age as much as your occupation or education.

It is essential to stay on top of changes in your occupation, the market and how to reach it

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