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Peggy Newcomb – Curtis the Cat, (who is really a very mischievous kitten)

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I have to tell you…the most awful thing befell me this morning.  I’m almost too ashamed to tell you about it!  I can honestly say that nothing like this has ever happened to me in my entire, I must stress, my entire life!  It all started out to be a perfectly normal morning.  The only variance in the routine was that “Missy” decided to give Master Kyle a bath before school.  She always uses the room with the old fashion bathtub, which she fills with bubbles for Master Kyle to play in.  Having finished bathing the boy “Missy” was sitting down in front of the fireplace dressing him.

After hearing an unknown scurrying sound, she called Mr. John down from his office to see what was going on.  Try as I may I could not get out of sight fast enough.  There I was caught in the middle of my blunder and soaked to the skin.  You see, those mounds of bubbles were too much of a temptation to my natural curiosity.  Well naturally I thought I could walk on all that nice fluffy stuff! Wrong!  Then they insisted on drying me off with a fluffy towel amidst rounds of humiliating laughter.  I tell you it was more than a fellow could stand. So I bolted for the back of the sofa where I stayed over a heat vent until I was presentable.  This week has been too eventful for me.

Until next time…Love and Purr, Curtis

 To be continued….The Adventures of a Writer.

Peggy Newcomb is a retired chemistry teacher, an artist, poet and writer.  She is the wife of John Newcomb: author of the book: A Bunch of Plumbers in which he tells of his experiences working on the Lunar Orbiter and the Viking Projects, written for those of us (who like stories) and who don’t have engineering degrees!

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