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Peter Stipe – A Storyteller

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Peter Stipe

I have been a storyteller for years, but I was never able to do anything with my stories until I retired.  I was extremely consistent in my work habits back in my professional days.  Some might even have called my work ethic compulsive.  Before I retired I worked long hours and was a frequent business traveler.  I was also a marathon runner, training at least an hour every day.  Balancing my career, my training runs and my family left little time for me to put my stories down in writing.  I wrote at the end of long days when I was tired.  I wrote alone in my hotel room when I was on business trips.

Now that I have retired all of these themes in my life have converged.  I write as conscientiously as I used to run.  All the stories that had piled up unedited during my career were waiting in one ragged state or another.  When I met my publisher, High Tide Publications, it gave me the motivation and focus to dedicate myself to writing at least several hours every day including the weekends.  The results?  I have had two books published in two years; Finding Our Way, a short story anthology, and The Art of Love, my first novel.  I have two new books well under way at this point and am almost finished with one of them.  I will chronicle my progress with these two books in this blog in the weeks ahead.

Peter Stipe is the author of Finding Our Way; a collection of short stories, and The Art of Love, a novel.  Peter   Facebook: PeterGStipe

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