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Peter Stipe – Is This Love?

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Peter Stipe

Last October my daughter got married to her long-time boyfriend in their church near Washington, D.C.  It was a nice wedding with seventy-five guests composed of family and close friends.  Both my daughter and her new husband had spent time on farms so they held the reception at a historic farm nearby.  They both love all sorts of games and the reception included a variety of lawn games; bocce or lawn bowling, croquet and of course a classic Virginia country game, corn hole.  It wasn’t a conventional wedding but it was a lot of fun and very much fitting the personalities of the bride and the groom.

This weekend we had the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan at Windsor Castle.  I watched on television.  It was just a bit larger than my daughter’s wedding.  They had several hundred guests, most of them celebrities and well-born British.  They dressed better than we did at my daughter’s wedding, though we looked mighty nice as well.  At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, hundreds of thousands watched from the streets near Windsor Castle and millions more tuned in on television as the bride and groom rode past in a carriage pulled by four white horses.  They were escorted by the Household Cavalry in shining armor on black horses.

I doubt they played corn hole at the reception at Windsor Castle.  And I left my household cavalry out of my daughter’s day.

One thing these two weddings had in common is that the bride and the groom at both ceremonies couldn’t stop grinning at each other, even if they had to wipe away an occasional emotional tear.  Both couples were so clearly in love.  One of my cynical friends wrote to me that she believes the royal wedding “is doomed to failure.”  I believe differently.  Love is real. It might be different for different couples and it might not always last, but it is real.  If you’ve read any of my stories in Finding Our Way, or my novel The Art of Love, you know I believe in what the pastor who gave the sermon at Harry and Meghan’s wedding called “the redemptive power of love,” quoting Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.  I’ll end by quoting Bob Marley and Huey Lewis.  “Is this Love?”  I believe in “the power of love”.

Peter Stipe is the author of Finding Our Way; a collection of short stories, and The Art of Love, a novel.  Both books are available from Amazon and from and from   Peter   Facebook: PeterGStipe

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