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Peter Stipe – My books are in the Williamsburg Public Library

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Several weeks ago I gave a copy of my second book, The Art of Love, to the Williamsburg Public Library for their Local Author project.   Two years ago I gave them a copy of Finding Our Way, my collection of short stories.

I am proud to give these books back to the town that has supported me as I began my life as an author.  I also like that this program makes my books and those of other local authors available to the community at no cost to the reader.  There are people in every community who have stories to share.  Too often the people who live in a community never find a way to discover the stories that are around them.

Peter Stipe is the author of Finding Our Way; a collection of short stories, and The Art of Love, a novel.  Both books are available from Amazon and from and from   Peter   Facebook: PeterGStipe

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