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Mary Montague Sikes grew up near the bloody Civil War battlefields of Central Virginia where thousands died. Those early years in a landscape where tears still flowed sparked her interest in the psychic and the paranormal that carries over into her writing today.

Sikes loves to travel, especially to the Caribbean and Jamaica where she discovered the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall Great House that inspired her first novel, Hearts Across Forever. More psychic encounters in Sedona, Arizona led to her novel, Eagle Rising. Adventures in Antigua became the book, Secrets by the Sea. Then, an escapade in Trinidad developed into the story of Night Watch. Her love of “Indiana Jones” type quests took her to the Maya Ruins of Palenque and eventually directed her to write Jungle Jeopardy.

She has been told by readers that her novel, Daddy’s Christmas Angel, set in a small fictitious American town, is the “best book I’ve ever read”. The romance is a little like “Sleepless in Seattle” and has a happy ending.

Always looking for new writing challenges and adventures, Sikes currently is visiting some of the most picturesque National Parks of the western United States, and she plans to paint and write about them. Her travels and paintings could result in another coffee table book similar to Hotels to Remember which she researched and developed a few years ago.




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What readers like you are saying about Artful Angels:

Susan Fisher One is never lonely once you learn to feel the angels in the Marsh, the sky, the water. In Artful Angels the author celebrates through her paintings and poetry the angels she feels in her world. Spend some time with this book and you will begin to feel your own angels. Invite them into your art and you will begin to see them!

Sylvia Wright Sikes use of poetic words and colors transports a reader into the world of symbolic colors and words of warmth and comfort.

Janice Hoffman This book is timeless and will speak to the souls of its readers/viewers for years to come, and as Sikes says of one of her angels, “When the night turns darkest, she takes the bitterness away.”

Cindy L. Freeman Whether or not you believe in angels, you will find Mary Montague Sikes’ book, Artful Angels to be a work of glittering beauty. In it, she weaves together two aesthetic gifts, poetry and art, in a spellbinding way that any reader can appreciate. The vibrant colors depicted in her art pieces echo through her hypnotic use of verse. For seekers of spiritual understanding, this book holds the potential to facilitate deep meditation.

Sharon Dorsey This is a beautiful book, by a talented author and artist, to be enjoyed again and again, bringing inspiration – in times of difficulty and in times of joy.

Alexander “Alec” Ream Artful Angels, the work of Mary Montague Sikes exudes a magnetic purity, approaching Edenic – evocative of Tolkien’s Goldberry the River Daughter and Tom Bombadil.

Martha Hall Creative people often credit a muse, or a source of inspiration for their work, something that draws them out of themselves and into an uncharted space where their mind is stimulated, set free and allowed to roam and explore. For some, the muse may be a person. For others, it may be some aspect of nature, like the sea or forest, or a sound, like the wind. For Mary Montague Sikes, it is a sense of the presence of angels, unseen and yet deeply perceptible beings who inspire her to look at ordinary objects in an extraordinary way, to make new out of old, and to express herself in fresh, yet familiar terms.

Diane Rebertus Monti’s freeform images are beautiful! By showing freeform angel images the reader can extrapolate that angels can be found in other places…..nature, the sky, water, the kitchen, sitting on the porch, anywhere – you just have to look…angels are everywhere!

Marilyn Meredith Artful Angels is a remarkable book both to read and enjoy the artwork. It would make a perfect gift for many occasions.

Joyce Carr Stedelbauer Sikes invites us into our quiet place to “take a deep breath and discover the majesty of angels all around.” With her sensitive soul she paints this ethereal world that we seldom enter. With tender color, gentle brush and the language of awe she allows us her exquisite view of this world of wonder.

Lynn Underwood For me this little book is filled with joy! The combination of beautiful art and magnificent poetry can bring the reader to tears of joy. The vibrant colors of the art match the effervescent quality of the poetry.



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