I Want to Go Home

Homelessness is a human condition that is all too common even in developed countries. Yet, we who enjoy the privilege of middle class assume it could never happen to us. I Want to Go Home identifies some of the factors that contribute to unexpected homelessness: death of the provider, economic recession, and alcoholism, to name a few. I think the story will resonate with young adults who can relate to the teenage Abby, older women who can relate to Elizabeth, her mother, and the sense of helplessness that drives her to medicate with alcohol and drugs, also Selima Evans, the shelter director, who becomes Abby’s savior and mentor.



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Cindy Freeman

After forty-five years as an educator and musician, Cindy L. Freeman began writing fiction.  She relishes a good mystery, as in her novella, DIARY IN THE ATTIC or an intriguing family secret, as in her novel, UNREVEALED. In 2012, she won a contest for her essay, “A Christmas Memory” in the online publication, wydaily.com. Cindy and her husband, Carl, live in Williamsburg, Virginia where she has directed a music school for twenty-six years. They have two children and five grandchildren. You can visit her website: www.cindylfreeman.com to learn more.


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