Murder on a Tuesday – A Rachel Mathews Murder Mystery


Could a parent’s anger at the coach of a minor hockey team be a motive for murder? It seems a stretch, but when a coach is killed in a dark arena parking lot after losing a playoff game, all eyes turn to the parents, especially to those who want the coach gone for good. Once again, Rachel Mathews and Donna O’Hare, friends and owners of The Magazine for Island Business in Victoria, BC, find themselves at the scene of a murder, this time thanks to Donna’s fourteen-year-old son who is playing his first game for the unfortunate coach.
Rachel announces that she doesn’t intend to do any amateur sleuthing as she has done in the past, but secrets and clues begin to unfold and she can’t turn away. There may be other motives for the coach’s murder—perhaps his practices as an accountant are questionable or his marriage isn’t as stable as it looks. When another body is discovered, Rachel realizes she’s involved whether she wants to be or not and her knowledge of psychological self-defense may be needed once more. She could become the target of a killer. Again!



Hi Readers: I live in British Columbia near the ocean, and I’m a blogger and write fiction, and also write blogs for other people. My children’s books are sports mysteries for ages 8-12 and I write murder mysteries for adults.

My new cozy murder mystery, Murder On A Monday, published by High Tide Publishing, Inc., is available now on Amazon as a paperback. The story is set in Victoria, BC, Canada, and will appeal to readers who love to follow investigations undertaken by a gifted amateur who struggles to overcome her fears and pursue a killer. I am now working on the sequel called (you guessed it) Murder on a Tuesday.

The Vikings Sports Mysteries for children are stand-alone books, but the same three children are in each Viking Club mystery: “Something’s Missing” (hockey), and “Someone’s Trapped” (soccer), and more to come!

In my kid’s blog, I write about what parents can do to help children enjoy and improve their reading, and why mystery stories are an important aid to learning. In my blog for adults, I write about writing, mystery stories, and observations on life. Come by for a visit and leave your comments at


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