Revenge of the Past

Why is it so hard to listen when Hannah, the family ghost, issues a warning? Probably because she says things Katie doesn’t want to hear, and she only shows up when there’s trouble. In 1861, Irish immigrant Hannah Donovan is unjustly accused of murdering her employer, Titus Foote. Hoping to leave memories of that awful time behind her, Hannah fled Connecticut and migrated south to Yorktown, Virginia. A century and a half later, a ghostly game of revenge ensues when Titus catches up to Hannah. He still believes she killed him and vows to annihilate her descendants. Cleve Farrington is the handsome new stranger in town, and it seems he has his eye set on Katie Hollister. But Katie has a secret, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she lives with the ghost of her great-great-great grandmother. Katie’s secret is starting to unravel, and she finds that even her old friends Roland and Ella may not be able to help her in time. As revelations about Katie’s obsession come to light, she is faced with enemies so powerful, they could destroy her – body and soul.


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Narielle Living is a regularly featured writer for the Hampton Roads magazine Next Door Neighbors, and has published hundreds of articles for online sites such as, and Suite101. In 2011 and 2009 she won third and second place respectively for her short stories in the Yorktown Library Literary Competition. She is a board member of the  Virginia Writers Guild. She has authored six books (four fiction and two non-fiction) and is working on her next two novels. Please visit her website