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CARLTON HARDY…Reading Road Trip is like having coffee with a dear friend. Sharon’s first-person commentary on touristy spots as well as those roads less traveled breathes life into them. The author has a facility with words and a perspective of people, places and history that draws you into her journeys. Her historical notes and background comments give vibrancy to her stories. Her personal connection to the places, history, and the plight of Native Americans lends further credence to her writing. These memories of travels with her husband/best friend, Don, provide glimpses into the soul of places seldom seen, including finding the positive aspects of grit on a hotel dining room table in Jerome, Arizona.

CHRIS TINGLE…This was a delightful read. Road Trip offers factual information, as do all travel books, but above all, it is fun! The personal notations about the places visited create a spectacular imagery that make the reader eager to hit the road in hopes of experiencing the same back roads, locals and events as the author.

CINDY FREEMAN…What a stunning book! It is beautifully written and the author’s Native American spirit shines through every page. You will want to read this book again and again. I do!

ED LULL…Sharon Dorsey’s Road Trip is filled with travel adventures most of us only dream of, and the impact those adventures have on the human spirit. In exploring her Native American heritage, she records a moving poem, Being Indian, and the Algonquin Code of Ethics. Her explorations of Alaska and Hawaii are riveting, as are her scary moments, such as being robbed at gunpoint and her edge-of-the-cliff experience at the Grand Canyon. This is a fine literary work filled with excellent writing, great photography and research. This is a book you will read more than once!

VIVIEN MANN…This book is truly captivating. Road Trip is a lovely mix of creative sharing and great travel tips. It is a true love letter to America!

ANN SHALASKI…I took advantage of a quiet Sunday to fall in love with Road Trip, wishing I was the traveler. See, through Sharon Canfield Dorsey’s travel journal, a romance filled with endless treasures spread far and wide, shared with the light of her life. Live, love, and learn with Sharon and Don. This little gem tugs at your heartstrings.

ROAD TRIP is a love story about two people who found each other late in life and embarked on a grand adventure to explore America. In their twenty years of gypsying around the country, they also fell in love with our land – its towering mountains, sparkling creeks, and good-hearted people. AMERICA, the beautiful, the generous, the stubborn, the strong, the fragile…you’ll find it all in ROAD TRIP. Come along! Adventure and fun await you around every curve in the road.I met the love of my life when he had just retired from thirty-one years in the Air Force which included many overseas tours, including the war years of Vietnam. I was divorced, working long hours toward a promotion that could make me financially independent for the rest of my life. But to get there, I would have to be nose to the grindstone for at least five more years. Don was fourteen years my senior. He knew time was of the essence. His argument was… “We are so lucky to have found each other. Let’s run and play and see as much of the country and world as we can while we’re healthy enough to do all the things we want to do. We don’t know what five years of waiting and working will bring. Let’s grab this moment.” What would you have done? I packed my gypsy bags and never looked back. Time gives and time takes away. I hope my book will inspire you to trade time for experiences.


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Sharon Canfield Dorsey

Sharon is an award winning author and poet. The is the author of three children’s books, a memoir, and a book of poetry. She has received awards from the CNU Writer’s Conference, Poetry Society of Virginia, Gulf Coast Writer’s Association and Chesapeake Bay Writers. Her poems are also included in an anthology by the James City Poets, titled, Captured Moments. She is a Senior Sales Director of thirty-eight years with Mary Kay Cosmetics. 



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