The Lies Beneath

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An overturned kayak. A faceless shape in the darkness. A woman’s soundless scream.

When liveaboard sailor and amateur sleuth Sandi Beck sets sail for Norfolk and the Intracoastal Waterway, she is ready to put the past behind her. But her plans for a new life are shattered in the first twenty-four hours when a former CIA agent’s body washes ashore in Virginia Beach. Now every mile southward draws her deeper into a world of bioterrorism, political intrigue, and human greed. Her search for a missing scientist will expose our most dangerous enemy–not the one we can see, but the one that lives within us, sustained by our secrets, feeding on the lies we hide beneath.


“Ann Eichenmuller has delivered engaging characters, a compelling mystery, and a side of romance–all set against the backdrop of Virginia’s beautiful tidewater. THE LIES BENEATH is a winner.” – Brad Parks, international bestselling author of THE LAST ACT



Ann Eichenmuller

Ann is a former educator who took up her pen (or, to be more exact, her keyboard) in 2015 and began a second career as a writer. Her award-winning marine articles have appeared in All at Sea, Chesapeake Style, and Chesapeake Bay Magazine, earning her three consecutive Boating Writers International Awards. A scuba divemaster, avid sailor, and a private pilot, she is also something of an adventurer who counts sailing her boat to the Bahamas with husband Eric and their children as her favorite accomplishment. Her experiences have helped form the character of her Lies murder mystery heroine, Sandi Beck, a liveaboard sailor and fiercely independent woman with a gift for solving problems.
A camping enthusiast and lover of all things vintage, Ann is also the creator of Motorhome Magazine‘s “Classic Ride” column. When they aren’t sailing or camping, she and Eric can be found along the Rappahannock River, where they continue the unending renovation of their 1886 farmhouse.

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