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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A Day At A Time… The Journey Continues… August 1 – August 10, 2019

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AUG. 1, 2019:  Today is National Girlfriend Day. It’s important to keep
our girlfriends close. They know too much!

AUG. 2, 2019:  Some days I feel like I’m fooling the whole world,
walking around cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

AUG. 3, 2019:  Mary Kay Awards Luncheon today. Year #38 as a unit! I love the opportunity to reward and recognize my wonderful team.

AUG. 4, 2019:  The Amazon, which provides 20% of the world’s oxygen, is burning. Will we only pay attention to the rain forest when WE can’t breathe?

AUG. 5, 2019:  I miss my three grandchildren who live in Kentucky. Talking to them or sharing pictures and videos is not the same as hugging.

AUG. 6, 2019:  Verizon revamped my voice mail system. Why? It works just like the old one but took me an hour to figure out how to re-set everything.

AUG. 7, 2019:  As politicians gear up for the 2020 elections and make wild promises, we, as citizens, must vow to “fight truth decay.”

AUG. 8, 2019:  Our military continue to be deployed and killed in Afghanistan. What is the end game and why are we still there?

AUG. 9, 2019:  There are conspiracy theorists who believe the world is flat. Don’t they know, if it was, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.

AUG. 10, 2019: One of my poems will be in the Fall PEN WOMAN Mag., joining previous contributors, Eleanor Roosevelt, Pearl S. Buck, Maya Angelou, Hilary Clinton, and many others. Such an honor!

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books, Herman the Hermit Crab and the Mystery of the Big, Black, Shiny Thing; Revolt of the Teacups, Buddy and Ballerina Save the Library; Buddy the Bookworm Rescues the Doomed Books; a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains; and two books of poetry, Tapestry and Captured Moments. WATCH FOR A BEAUTIFUL NEW TRAVEL BOOK, OUT IN THE FALL OF 2019.

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