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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A Day At A Time… The Journey Continues… Nov. 21 – Nov. 30, 2019

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NOV. 21, 2019:  Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons – like the one who cut me off in traffic today.

NOV. 22, 2019: Every time I hear about a foreign country threatening us — North Korea, Iran, etc., — I wonder why we don’t stop sending them aid, and let them hate us for free.

NOV. 23, 2019:  There is a restaurant in town, Victoria’s, that fills its rooms with nutcrackers to celebrate the holidays – tiny ones, life-size ones—dozens of them. It’s my happy place in Dec.

NOV. 24, 2019:  If you plan on cooking a large turkey on Thursday, today is the day to move it from freezer to frig. The “experts” say it takes five days to thaw. Really?

NOV. 25, 2019: OK, I called my friend who’s cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Shannon and me, and gave her the five-day turkey thawing prognosis. Guess what she said, “Really????”

NOV. 26, 2019: When my sister-in-law was a newly-wed, she wanted to impress our family by cooking Thanksgiving dinner. She stuffed the turkey with dry bread cubes which stayed dry and hard. We crunched and told her how great it was. The next year, it really was great.

NOV. 27, 2019:  All of my Mary Kay shoppers cancelled today. Guess they’re still working on that turkey.

NOV. 28, 2019:  Turkey day finally arrived! Shared great conversation and a delicious dinner with our friend, Kaye, in Gloucester. She said the experts were right. Took turkey five days to thaw.

NOV. 29, 2019: Today is daughter, Shannon, and A. J.’s anniversary. I’m so happy those two found each other. This time, Cupid got it right.

NOV. 30, 2019:  I end the month full of gratitude for loving family, supportive friends, and a brain that can still fill the page with happy nonsense. Life is good! My t-shirt says so.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books, a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains, a book of poetry, Tapestry, and a new travel memoir, ROAD TRIP. Books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, High Tide Publications, and the author.

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