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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A Day At A Time… The Journey Continues… Oct. 21 – Oct. 31, 2019

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OCTOBER 21, 2019: The early bird can have the worm because worms are gross and mornings should start after nine.

OCTOBER 22, 2019:  I know it’s Tuesday but I like Fridays better so can I just declare it Friday and move directly to the week-end?

OCTOBER 23, 2019:  Dentist appointment this morning. My teeth are so clean, I don’t think I should ever eat again.

OCTOBER 24, 2019:  Today would have been my husband, Don’s, 90th birthday. He’s been gone for six years and I still miss that crazy, wonderful man!

OCTOBER 25, 2019: Still waiting for my new sliding glass doors to be installed. Will make one more polite call today, then…

OCTOBER 26, 2019: Friday finally got here so I’m thinking of celebrating by honoring Don’s favorite motto, “Eat your dessert first!” I’m thinking…cheesecake.

OCTOBER 27, 2019:  I keep hearing the phrase, “History is repeating itself,” all day long on the news. If it does repeat itself, I’m getting a dinosaur.

OCTOBER 28, 2019:  Had lunch with a friend today at the local Indian restaurant. We especially like their rice pudding so decided “food with friends” has zero calories. Good call?

OCTOBER 29, 2019:  DID YOU KNOW…the internet is 50 years old today?? Sometimes I feel 100 when I’m trying to figure how to navigate it.

OCTOBER 30, 2019:  Today is my daughter, Shannon’s, birthday. Who knew that tiny little darling with the mop of black hair would grow up to be amazing…beautiful, smart, talented, and most of all, loving and caring. Lucky me!

OCTOBER 31, 2019:  It’s Halloween!! I love seeing the little, neighborhood kids in their super hero and princess costumes. Brings a smile every time the doorbell rings.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books, a book of poetry, TAPESTRY, a memoir, DAUGHTER OF THE MOUNTAINS, and a new travel memoir, ROAD TRIP. The books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, High Tide Publications and the author.

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