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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – A Day At A Time… The Journey Continues… Sept. 20 – Sept. 30, 2019

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SEPT. 20, 2019:  PARTY DAY! Viv has invited some of her artist and writer friends for an “Artistic Pot Luck.” So many talented, interesting people. Viv is an amazing artist herself. I read some poetry.  Kaye talked about her beautiful cards. Great way to end our adventure.

SEPT. 21, 2019:  One more day! Driving to Phoenix to meet some high school friends of mine, Sandra and Richard. Sandra and I grew up together in W. VA, 3 houses apart and were always best friends. Good to hug and reminisce. One last gabfest with Viv in the hotel. Fly tomorrow.

SEPT. 22, 2019: Teary goodbyes at airport. Phoenix to Charlotte to Richmond. Perfect flight. Shannon there to meet us and drive our tired bodies home to Williamsburg. She even stocked the fridge. Daughters are the best!! Dreams of red rocks, pink sunsets, and canyons – so grand!

SEPT. 23, 2019: Reality! Phone calls to return…dirty laundry…piles of mail to sift through. Also, a 3-hour time difference to get used to, again! But memories – great, fun memories, to fill tonight’s dreams.

SEPT. 24, 2019:  Mary Kay meeting. Glad to see all my friends. We have a beach trip coming up in October so lots of planning to do. And new holiday products – Christmas, already? Oh my!

SEPT. 25, 2019:  Fun to meet with my Creative Writing group today. Assignment was to write about something we enjoyed from the summer. I shared some of the highlights from trip.

SEPT 26, 2019:  Just noticed yesterday was National Voter Registration Day. You are registered…right? People fought and died to win that privilege for us. YOU MUST VOTE!

SEPT. 27, 2019: Chris, the nice man who takes care of my lawn, nearly lost his adult son while I was gone. He was hospitalized with a collapsed lung from vaping. Hard lesson!

SEPT. 28, 2019:  Everyone is talking about the presidential impeachment investigation. Bottom line – no one is above the law, not even the president.

SEPT. 29, 2019: Went to see Downton Abbey today. Loved every minute of it. I could get used to living in a castle. I would especially love having a cook to do all the meals. When?

SEPT. 30, 2019:  My new travel book, “Road Trip,” is in the final stages of production. Stay tuned for a debut date. I’m super excited about it!!!

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books, two books of poetry, and a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains. Watch for a new travel book, Road Trip, debuting in November, 2019.

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