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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – My Love/Hate Relationship with Aging

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey

My hair now is graying.
My knees creak and crack.
My back aches in rain storms
I can’t eat Big Macs.

I cannot climb mountains.
My kayak is gone.
I won’t wear a swimsuit.
I don’t mow the lawn.

Some things, however,
are freeing and fun.
There’s more time to travel,
just chasing the sun.

I write in my pjs,
curled up by the fire,
while housework gets done,
by someone I hire.

I say no without guilt,
to meetings and clubs.
They now run without me,
while I get back rubs.

On bright, sunny mornings,
I wake up at nine
and thank the Great Spirit,
I still have my mind!

(You can read more about Sharon’s humorous approach to aging in her poetry book, Tapestry, and her memoir, ADaughter of the Mountains.)

Sharon Canfield Dorsey is an award-winning poet and author of two children=s books, AHerman the Hermit Crab and the Mystery of the Big, Black Shiny Thing, and Revolt of the Teacups. Her poems are also included in an anthology, Captured Moments.

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