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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – Our New World

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The coronavirus villain in this strange fairy tale is elusive, resilient, and deadly. It has taken control of our lives, locked us behind our doors. It has stolen friends and loved ones from us. We are forever changed.

            We will never walk into a movie theatre, restaurant or department store without feeling  anxious when we hear someone cough.

            We will never again take for granted full shelves in grocery stores or the workers who keep those shelves filled.

            We will have more respect for the skilled educators who teach and guide our children.

            We will be more grateful for our jobs, even boring ones, that allow us to pay the rent and the electric bill.

            We will appreciate being able to go to our doctor or dentist, get a hair-cut or manicure.

            We will elevate all of those health care workers to super hero status along with Wonder Woman and the Avengers.

            I would like to think we will emerge from this darkness more enlightened, more compassionate and more determined to contribute something worthwhile to our new world.

            I hope we will be more aware of the “haves” and “have nots,” and become activists for equality—in housing, in employment, in health care.

            I hope we will finally decide that our first responders – teachers, police, firefighters, nurses — deserve to earn more money than baseball players.

            I hope we will remember what clear skies look like and clean air smells like and join with the rest of the world in one last attempt to save our planet.

            I hope we will all agree that science trumps conspiracy theories and refuse to be taken in by ignorance or misinformation.

            I hope we will embrace the blessing of more time with our families and slow our lives enough to continue to play games and tell stories together.

            I hope we will heal from the losses with stronger empathy and caring for all people.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books; a book of poetry, Tapestry; a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains; and a travel memoir, Road Trip.  Her books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, High Tide Publications, and from the author. WATCH FOR A NEW POETRY BOOK OUT THIS SUMMER.

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