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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – Remember When…

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…people hugged and shook hands without feeling guilty.
…going out to lunch was a treat, not a possible death sentence.
…school and teachers were taken for granted.
…clerks in grocery stores were just a part of the scenery.
…walking into a store did not trigger anxiety.
…toilet paper was just another grocery list item.
…Extra Strength Tylenol was not kept in a locked box.
…going to the movies did not require Clorox spray and wipes.
…we were always promising to clean our cluttered closets.
…presidents and first ladies were role models for our children.
…we could stop to get gas without masking and gloving up.
…meetings were in person, not on Zoom.
…we could love on our grandchildren without fear.
…seniors were not locked up in retirement centers.
…the nice man coming to repair the stove did not strike fear.
…masks were for Halloween, not political statements.
…birthday cards got delivered across town in less than two weeks.
…miles-long lines for free food were non-existent.
…a $1,200 check wasn’t a dire necessity against homelessness.
…200,000+ Americans were still alive, loving and being loved.

Remember last January?

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books; a memoir, two books of poetry, and a travel memoir. Her work has also been included in several anthologies. Read about her books on her website, or her Sharon Canfield Dorsey Author Page on Facebook.

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