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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – The Run For The Wall

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Sharon Canfield Dorsey

They descend on the small mountain town

of Rainelle, West Virginia,

like swarms of noisy mosquitoes

five hundred strong,

motorcycles of every size and noise decibel,

bound for the Vietnam Memorial, Washington, D. C.


Piloted by veterans of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan

and every skirmish in between,

they thunder down the mountain,

into streets lined with families,

unemployed miners, disabled in wheelchairs,

all applauding, cheering, waving American flags.


For many years, this small coal mining town

has welcomed the Wall vets who travel

to D. C. each year to honor their fallen comrades.

They feed them, house them, and honor their sacrifices.

The mountainside behind them, is covered with flags,

representing the war casualties from the state.


An event that started with a small welcome picnic,

has become a town-wide celebration of remembrance.

Vets look forward each year to this reunion

with their West Virginia friends.

This year, the mobile Vietnam Casualties Wall

draws silent visitors and tears.


The Run For The Wall assures that those Americans

who paid the ultimate price for our freedom

are remembered and revered.


Sharon Canfield Dorsey is an award-winning poet and author of a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains; two children’s books, Herman the Hermit Crab and the Mystery of the Big, Black, Shiny Thing; and Revolt of the Teacups; a book of poetry, Tapestry. Her poetry is also included in an anthology, Captured Moments. A NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK, Buddy, the Bookworm Rescues the Doomed Books, will be released on Amazon in November.

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