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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – The Journey Continues… One Day At A Time… Dec. 22 – Dec. 31, 2019

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DEC. 22, 2019:  Just learned that grandson, Zachary, has the flu. So sad for him. Don’t know what that will do to son, Steven’s plan to arrive here on Sunday, the 29th. All up in air.

DEC. 23, 2019:  Zachary still sick and quarantined to room. Steven put up twinkle lights and brought in small tree for him, even arranged a face-time call from Santa. Technology rocks!

DEC. 24, 2019:  Steven sent fun video of kids opening Secret Santa gifts. Zachary’s fever gone. Whew! I’m wrapping gifts and watching holiday movies. Happiness is anticipation!

DEC. 25, 2019:  HO, HO, HO!! Shannon and I had a lovely day together – cooked, ate too much, opened presents and face-timed with Steven and family all day. As I said – technology rocks!!

DEC. 26, 2019: Good news! Zachary much better so plans still on for our Sunday Christmas. My friend, Vivien, from AZ, will be here tomorrow for a “friend gathering.” Can’t wait. So fun!

DEC. 27, 2019: What a fun day! Friends came and went all afternoon with gifts and snacks. Vivien hasn’t been home for two years so it was great to all be together again. Endless chatter!

DEC. 28, 2019:  Cooking and last-minute present wrapping today. Steven, Amy and grandkids will be here tomorrow. Shannon and A. J. both off from work so we can all be together.

DEC. 29, 2019: Happiness is having all my family home and around the Christmas tree. Chaos reigns as we all open presents, ooh and ahh, then share Christmas dinner. Smiling!!

DEC 30, 2019: Listen…running feet, giggles, legos snapping into place (their favorite presents!), then hide and seek in the yard, followed by homemade cookies. Happy dance!!

DEC. 31, 2019: Clock strikes 10 a.m. The Santa SUV is loaded with kids and presents and headed to grandparent visit #2 in Roanoke. Still smiling as I tackle the Xmas clutter left behind.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books, a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains, a book of poetry, Tapestry. Her newest book, Road Trip, is a travel memoir and is available, along with the other books, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, High Tide Publications, and the author.

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