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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – The Journey Continues… One Day At A Time …Jan. 12 – 21, 2020

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JAN. 12, 2020: I’m making good on one of my resolutions, the one about compliments…thank you for faithfully reading my blog. YOU have great taste!

JAN. 13, 2020: Another one – six deer jumped across the road in front of me as I was coming home yesterday. I still cursed, but silently. Can I count that?

JAN. 14, 2020: Went to the movies to see “Little Women” on $5 day. Ticket line out to the street and no place to park. A friend found a spot and stood in it ‘til I got there. THAT’S a friend!

JAN. 15, 2020: Steven, Shannon and I have always been big Star Wars fans. Steven took all three kids to see “Rise of Skywalker.” Carrying on the family tradition…Zachary loved it, girls, not so much. I gave Steven points for trying. Frozen 2 next time, I guess.

JAN. 16, 2020: The Christmas decorations are finally down. Yah me! Sometimes they’re around ‘til Valentine’s Day. When they start getting dusty – it’s time. I do miss them though.

JAN. 17, 2020: The impeachment trial starts in the Senate next Tuesday. Would like to be there to watch those old guys falling asleep cause they’re not allowed to talk or use their phones.

JAN. 18, 2020: We’ve had such a warm winter, the ornamental trees are starting to bloom. Hope they don’t get their pretty pink blossoms frozen.

JAN. 19, 2020: Speaking of plants, saw a cup the other day with a picture of a dandelion that said, “Some see weeds, I see wishes.” Are you a cup-half-full person or a cup-half-empty one?

JAN. 20, 2020: Note the date. Has to be a lucky day. Should go out and buy some winning lottery tickets or get married. One is as likely to happen as the other. In other words, NOT.

JAN. 21, 2020: I have a birthday coming up next month. I confess, I thought getting old would take longer.

SHARON CANFIELD DORSEY is an award-winning poet and author of four children’s books; a memoir, Daughter of the Mountains; a book of poetry, Tapestry; and a new travel memoir, Road Trip. All the books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, High Tide Publications, and the author.

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