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Sharon Canfield Dorsey – Support Your Local Authors

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DID YOU KNOW…when you purchase a book you start a chain reaction that keeps print books and starving authors alive and well?

…You encourage an author – maybe a brand-new author – to keep on sharing their important stories. Our royalty checks allow us to buy more printer ink and reams of white paper (much of which winds up crumpled under the computer desk as we perfect those magic words.)

…You also encourage publishers to sign more authors whose unique stories might not otherwise be read.

…When readers purchase books, that encourages the establishment of new publishing companies, who publish more new authors, who inspire and brighten our lives.

…Thus, the cycle begins again. The cash register DINGS! A new author and new publisher get their wings! I’ve borrowed books from friends without even thinking about the effect it might have on the person who wrote the book or the company that published it. Now that I’m an author, I think about that missing DING! For a small price, usually $12-$15, I can make a big contribution to someone’s literary success. That’s a good feeling.

The company that publishes my books, High Tide Publications, is a small, woman-owned enterprise that is dedicated to the authors over fifty, which is an under served and often ignored market. When you purchase High Tide books, you are helping authors like me get our wings and get our stories into the world. You will be much appreciated!

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