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Susan Williamson – A Many Splendored Thing…

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Love is. A trip back in time and place last week allowed us to reconnect with many dear friends and relatives. We travelled to Lexington, KY in order for me to do a book signing at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park. We love the horse park and Junior League and hadn’t been to either for many years.

We stayed with my husband’s nephew who has a beautiful home, just minutes from the park. He is single and was away for most of the weekend so we were free to come and go.

The first day we drove to Bowling Green, KY where our son and his fiancée live. He has a new job he likes and seems to be doing well. We had a meal together and spent some time helping him with a few chores.

We saw many horse friends from Kentucky and North Carolina at the horse show. On Saturday night we reunited with two of my former roommates and one’s husband for dinner at Spindletop Hall which was the site of our wedding reception. We hadn’t seen them for many years and it was so good catching up with them and their lives and families. Wallace took a picture of the front of the hall and posted a very loving comment about the memories and the time since. Spindletop is the faculty and alumni club for the University of Kentucky, my alma mater. It had not changed and the food was wonderful. In case you were wondering, the wedding was 44 years ago. . .

What a treat for us and the best part was that we connected as if we had never been away from our friends. Later that evening we met some other friends with whom we had shown horses for many years. It was so good to see them as well.

On Sunday, my sister-in –law ( her husband, now deceased, was my husband’s brother) treated us and her family to dinner at a local steakhouse—so we were able to catch up with all of them and meet our nephew’s fiancée.

 I know we are fortunate. We have many friends in many places and what a joy to be able to see them. We stay in touch sporadically through email and social media. We all change through our life experiences (or at least we should), but the humor, joy and love we share remains.

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