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Susan Williamson – A New Hero

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Fall has finally arrived, along with pumpkin spice everything. I genuinely like pumpkin in most forms—pie, muffins, pancakes, cookies, cake, soup and so forth. I don’t drink coffee, so no pumpkin spice lattes please. And pumpkin spice cream cheese on pumpkin bagels sounds like overkill.

As you can tell, fall makes me want to cook and store up carbs for the cold winter ahead, but It also affects my reading choices. I read mysteries and thrillers year round, but as Halloween approaches I look for ghost stories and alien abductions and really spooky atmospheric mysteries, even a bit of Stephen King.

I love so many authors. Once I graduated beyond Nancy Drew, I discovered Mary Roberts Rinehart whose stories were set near my home town of Pittsburgh. In Googling how to spell her name, I discovered that she was often called the American Agatha Christie, even though her first novel was published in 1920, fourteen years before Christie.  So my research has now shifted the rest of this blog to Rinehart who wrote forty-five short stories after the financial crash of 1903 to help pay the bills. She became a World War I correspondent and interviewed many heads of state. She was a prolific writer in the days before computers. Her training was a homeopathic nursing school, no MFA for her, although she did earn an honorary PHD in English from George Washington University.

She was already one of my favorite authors, now she is my inspiration.

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