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Susan Williamson – A Williamsburg Staycation Loving Horses and More

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Like many families, ours has been separated longer than usual due to the Covid-19 crisis. But, in June our daughter gave us the news that she and her family would be coming to spend the week up to and including the 4th at our house. Jubilation ensued on our part. And then we began to think of entertainment for our six and nine- year- old granddaughters. Most years they visit us and Bush Gardens, as well as Water County, neither of which was an option.

Since their arrival time was uncertain, I planned to grill brats and hot dogs and I made potato and another salad. I also got sundae fixings and ice cream. Great minds think alike and our youngest granddaughter said she was “going to burst” if she didn’t give my husband his Father’s Day and birthday present. The bag contained ice cream waffle bowls, toppings, and syrup. We added whipped cream and everyone indulged.

On day two, our son-in-law needed to work remotely, so we opted to get out of the house. We arrived at Yorktown Beach around 9:30 while it remained uncrowded. We all enjoyed swimming, splashing and they worked on sand castles and such. Shortly before eleven, more beach goers arrived and we departed, home in time for lunch. We spent the hot afternoon inside., playing games and planning meals. Late afternoons were great for biking in the neighborhood and walking the dogs. One night we walked down our street and across to our closest ice-cream purveyor, SnoMania Island.

Our son-in-law ran on several mornings, running into Colonial Williamsburg, once with the oldest granddaughter riding her bike to accompany him.

Day two was off to the barn to meet our new (as of March) horse and let the girls ride a lesson horse. Our daughter rode our mare, the first show horse she had ridden in many years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only complaint from the girls was that the barn cats did not make an appearance. I stayed to teach lessons and arrived home in time for the dinner of baby back ribs and chocolate chip cheesecake our daughter had created. Yum.

All of us revisited the beach the next day and our daughter was impressed with the cleanliness. We saw dolphins, a Navy ship, the Coleman bridge opening and Coast Guard ships doing maneuvers.

Since we owed our youngest grand-daughter a birthday present, our daughter to her to School Crossing, a wonderful store full of educational toys. She chose a faux violin, which sounded surprisingly good, considering it was plastic and she doesn’t know how to play.

The next day was early arrival at Pirate’s Cove for miniature golf. The social distancing was well enforced and I marveled at how much better our six- year -old had gotten at playing.

Now that playgrounds are open, an early visit to the zipline at Kiwanis Park was another popular outing. Paddleboats at Waller Mill Park were another popular activity and good exercise for all.

We cooked a lot, but we also had some good meals ordered in from Second Street Bistro and Anna’s Brick Oven.

After bedtime for the girls we watched Hamilton on Disney Plus. It was a very different 4th of July week, but perhaps one of the very best. I believe our girls would enjoy Jamestown, but in the interest of keeping safe and the hot weather we are saving that for another time. We aren’t back to normal, but there is fun to be had.

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