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Susan Williamson – I can see clearly . . .

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Susan Williamson

Now that I am thankfully on day five of my second cataract surgery. I can’t believe how painless, easy and non-eventful this was. Thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Farah of   Cullom and Farah, who explained all of my options with great patience.

Although most nearsighted folks opt to correct their distance vision with cataract surgery, I did not. The thought of needing glasses for reading, which is second only to breathing in my life, was beyond comprehension. Thanks to Medicare for providing basic surgery.

I was able to order my eye drops from a compounding pharmacy in California so that many of the medications were combined, resulting in fewer drops. A side note, earlier this year I ordered medication for my dog from a compounding pharmacy in Arizona. Are there no compounding pharmacies in the Eastern Time zone?

I was amazed how little down time is now  required for this surgery. I was able to drive myself to my post-op appointment the next day. My vision is still fluctuating and I have a few restrictions until I am a week out, but not many. My husband drove me to the surgery and was prepared to do chores at home, but after the third day, he didn’t need to. I spent my down time binge watching Jack Ryan on Amazon. Really good, Tom Clancy. In a few weeks I will get my new glasses and you’d better watch out because I will be able to see everything (I hope).

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