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Susan Williamson – Kayaking

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Susan Williamson

This morning we went kayaking at Waller Mill Park. We were the only vessels on the reservoir and the beauty and peace of the trees reflected in the still water were amazing. Every leaf had a mirror image and sun and shade blurred the boundary of water and tree.

The first time we went kayaking was in Shem Creek near Charleston.  The quiet, the water fowl, the occasional fisherman on his dock were all wonderful. I liked it so well that I used it in a scene in Turkmen Captives (re-released this week as Desert Tail). We eventually bought our own kayaks and took them to Belews Creek Lake near Winston-Salem. Our Shem Creek experience told us we didn’t want a tandem kayak. But life got busy and we eventually sol d them to a friend.

We kayaked in Key West and saw sponges growing in the clear water. That was also very enjoyable except for occasionally getting stuck in the mangroves.

Today was the first time in a few years that I had gone, and my first at Waller Mill, but I vowed to go often. Once I had the paddle turned the right way it was easy to soar across the lake.  While I was enjoying the quiet, my husband said, “We need music.” He proceeded to whistle and hum and make his own, especially when tunneling under the road where he could have an echo.

I will go often, but perhaps occasionally solo.

Susan Williamson is a former newspaper editor, educator, professional horsewoman, extension agent and food coop manager. She is the author of two novels, Desert Tail and Dead on the Trail. Her newest novel, Tangled Tail will be released in September. A childrens book, The Riding Lesson, will be published this fall by High Tide Publications.

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