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Susan Williamson – Possibilities

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Possibilities slither like snakes across my awakening mind. Should I grab one or run away? Daylight intrudes and I open my eyes. One thread coalesces into a definite need—an illustrator for the children’s book I have just written. My husband rolls over and kisses me on this Valentine morning.

A talented artist, a friend comes to mind. I know she can do it. I know the results would be wonderful. But I also know that like other artists I have known well, she lives on an alternate timeline, perhaps in an alternate universe. I have reached out via email, but so far no response. I will call her this afternoon. She is single and often clinically depressed. She needs a phone call.

Another comes to mind, one of my closest friends, separated by distance but not emotion. She is not only up to the job, but the former owner of the pony who costars in my story. A thespian, a crafter, a writer, Mensa member and gourmet cook, she is also a visual artist. Will she have time? Now in her late seventies, she is trying to cut back on her acting and directing so that she can take a silversmithing class.

I think about both of these women. Both of them are wickedly funny, well read and talented way beyond the rest of us. Neither of them have had easy lives. I suspect that neither of them would have been voted most popular or most likely to succeed by their high school classmates. The first would have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum perhaps and the second was too independent and busy rebelling against a proper New England life. They don’t know each other, but I think they would enjoy each other immensely—or not.

I count myself lucky to know them and hope one of them can bring The Riding Lesson to life.

Susan Williamson  is an avid reader, writer, horse person, and gardener. She is a former extension agent, newspaper editor, riding instructor, food coop manager, college adjunct and decorating store owner. She is the author of two novels: a thriller—Turkmen Captives, and a cozy mystery—Dead on the Trail. She also authored two e-books: How to Buy Your First Horse and How to Get By as Time Goes By. Her work has also appeared in the ezine New Southerners, the anthology Flying South and Just for Seniors magazine.


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