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Susan Williamson – Time of Chocolate

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Susan Williamson

Everyone who knows me also knows that I love chocolate. But they may not know that I am a chocolate purist. I don’t want nuts, fruits, Rice Krispies, marshmallows or even caramel in my chocolate although caramel can be yummy. Creamy peanut butter is okay because the textures match. And mint is always a welcome addition.

For Christmas, our daughter gave us a box of hand crafted chocolates for an old and trusted company in Baltimore.  They were scrumptious. I left the nut chocolates for my husband and enjoyed chocolate truffles, mint chocolates and peanut butter filled ecstasy.

In my stocking I received a bag of dark chocolate mint M & M’s.  I actually managed to save it until the second week in January.

We both try to be healthy in our food choices. Ever since I found out that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants I have been so virtuous.

My husband gave me a box on mixed hot chocolate flavors. We have both enjoyed them. I have tried with limited success to ration my chocolate fixes. If I just don’t go into Trader Joes and see their ninety-nine cent dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups I might make it.

But hark, Valentine’s Day approaches on yon calendar. And the Chesapeake Bay Writers meal for February 13 features chocolate mousse. I could of course tell my husband that I don’t want any chocolate for Valentine’s Day. But lying is a sin.

Susan Williamson is a lifelong horseperson, former newspaper editor, extension agent and food coop manager. She is the author of three novels: Desert Tail, Tangled Tail, Dead on the Trail and a children’s book, The Riding Lesson, as well as How to Buy Your First Horse.

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