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Susan Williamson – Vegas for Low Rollers, Part 1 -05/04/2018

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For two years now we have been watching airfares to Phoenix. Why? Because we have a dear friend who lives there.

Only recently did it occur to me to look at a map and figure out that Phoenix isn’t all that far from Vegas, a place boasting cheap airfares. And since the time share we bought in a weak moment always has Las Vegas trades available, we plotted our vacation. First to Sun City, AZ and then Las Vegas.

Another friend who had recently moved to the area, volunteered to meet us at the airport and take us to an offsite car rental which would be cheaper and easier. After catching up with him over a nice lunch, we headed into the desert. The road to Phoenix goes right by Lake Meade and the Hoover Dam. We didn’t stop but had lots of scenic viewing.

We are both fascinated by differences in terrain and noticed how the vegetation changed with elevation. We spent a lot of time driving through Joshua Tree National Forest and realized that the scrubby trees did not grow at the highest elevations. Some of the desert was ranch land, we saw a few cattle, but in this climate the ratio would be at least forty acres per cow, so they were widely scattered. We wondered how far they had to go for water.

We stopped in and later revisited the lovely town of Wickenburg, AZ—a quaint western town with roping arenas all over and the wonderful Desert Caballeras Western Museum. We came back with our friend and paid a bargain $10 for admission to the museum which was hosting Cowgirl Up! Art Show for female western artists.

We were asked to vote for our show favorites and I had many. I finally cast my vote for a watercolor of a coyote looking out from behind an saguaro cactus. But the sculpture of the cowgirl at the mailbox wearing one boot and one stiletto, other stiletto still in just opened box was wonderful. It was entitled “All Work and No Play.” Another painting of cowgirl’s herding cattle was full of motion and pure joy.

And I haven’t even finished with Sun City, let alone Las Vegas. More next week.

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