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Susan Williamson – Water Baby

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I have no trouble believing that my ancestors descended from aquatic creatures. I am never so free, so young, so svelte as when I am immersed in water. The last time I saw dolphins swimming, I felt a siren song to join them. If only it weren’t November and the water chilly.

When I shattered my leg in a fall from my horse, (riding a horse is my other comfort zone—could my ancestors have ridden sea horses?) the YMCA pool was my salvation. Once I was allowed to put weight on my mending leg every step was painful, except in the pool. In the water I could walk without pain, exercise a bit and eventually swim. During the long spring and summer of my recovery (the accident happened in late February), I would head for the pool as often as I could.

Not having a pool or even a hot tub at home, I must content myself with a bath, very hot and very long. My husband reminds me that showers are much more energy efficient, but they’re just not the same.

I love the pool, but I enjoy natural water even more. Give me a river, a lake, an ocean, a pond in the cow pasture (that one was a little iffy) and I will be wet and wonderful.

Our granddaughters have inherited the water genes as well. The older girl swims like a fish and loves dolphins. As for the younger, she plans to be a mermaid when she grows up.


Susan Williamson (when not in the water) is an avid reader, writer, horse person, and gardener. She is a former extension agent, newspaper editor, riding instructor, food coop manager, college adjunct and decorating store owner. She is the author of two novels: a thriller—Turkmen Captives, and a cozy mystery—Dead on the Trail. She also authored two e-books: How to Buy Your First Horse and How to Get By as Time Goes By. Her work has also appeared in the ezine New Southerners , the anthology Flying South and Just for Seniors magazine.

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