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Susan Williamson – Saging

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Susan Williamson

Our esteemed High Tide Publisher recently organized a workshop on memoir writing. She mentioned a book she had read about “Saging” rather than aging. Hopefully, we do grow wiser with age and have much to offer.

So I have decided to share a little wisdom from my life or from sage advisors which has served me well. This will fit into no particular category but…

A piece of stale bread will soften brown sugar which has hardened. You can cook dried beans in hard water only if you add a touch of baking soda. Sour milk is great for pancakes or any recipe that calls for buttermilk. You can freeze tomatoes by just stuffing them in a freezer container.

If you earn a BS degree, you will always be able to find a job (not always a high paying one, but a job nonetheless. Advice from my father which proved true.

Always put on the emergency brake—advice from my father debated by my husband.

Think of your hands on the reins as a rubber band—also from my father, except being from Pittsburgh, he said, “Gum band.”

If you can write an accurate news story, you can always find work.

Kids and horses will make a liar out of you every time—advice from my mother.

Never wear a hood on your head when leading a horse—it knocks out your peripheral vision and bad things can happen.  I learned after the second time.

Don’t throw away the beet greens—when cooked they taste like Swiss chard, a close relative.

Never pass up an opportunity to learn. When I was an extension agent I had the opportunity to take a tax preparation class and have done our taxes ever since. Caveat to that, forget Turbo Tax—use freefillable forms.

And before you say or write something about somebody, ALWAYS put yourself in their shoes and think of the hurt and harm your words might cause.

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