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Susan Williamson – Uncertain Spring

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I mourn with all of those who have lost loved ones or whose health has been permanently damaged by the pandemic. I grieve for all of those suffering economic woes. As our strange spring continues, however, I do see some hope. I rejoice for the families I see biking and hiking together.  Gardens are sprouting up all over. Children are learning about nature and gardening and enjoying time outside.  Families are together, and while there can sometimes be too much togetherness, I expect it is mostly a blessing.

Our neighborhood is beautiful, everyone has more time for flowers. Neighbors are walking, with their dogs and their families.

Our granddaughters are spending lots of time outside. They help with outdoor chores and planting the garden. Our squeamish granddaughter actually held a salamander. The company where our daughter works does custom embroidery and screen printing. They are ramping up to screen print masks.

I see local restaurants organizing efficient ways of curbside service.

Creative and caring teachers are finding new ways to engage with their students. I taught online classes as an adjunct professor and found that I often learned more about my students and interacted with each in a more personal way online than in the seated class.

People are sewing masks, volunteering in new and amazing ways. I think we are all developing more appreciation for our health care workers and for all those working in drugstores, and groceries, firemen, police and first responders.

Clergy are finding ways to stay connected and encourage.

More pets are being adopted, because people are at home with time on their hands. And pets will ease isolation.

We use Facebook chat to connect with our daughter and family. It helps to see their faces. We write letters and send an interesting magazine article.

 Horses are, so far. neither carriers nor victims of the disease. We can visit our horse and ride or drive in a socially isolated way.

Our trip to visit my brother and other vacation plans are on hold and I regret that. Aer Lingus and Amtrak have been good about vouchers for the future, but as always, none of us know what the future holds. But this uncertain future may help us to appreciate the blessings of our present.

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