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Vivien Mann – Resiliency Celebrated!

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After years of working with resilient heroes and “she”roes of all ages, I am still in awe of the human spirit.  My time as a social worker taught me to never give up, to give of yourself, and to listen to those who know best how to survive.

My work with High Tide Publishing has rejuvenated MY spirit.  It is a present that I give to myself.  Surrounding myself with artistic and creative talent makes my soul sing in a very different way than my human service work.

Illustrating children’s books (Herman the Hermit Crab, and the Mystery of the Big, Black Shiny Thing and Revolt of the Teacups by Sharon Canfield Dorsey) has been a blast.  This creative process has fortified my resiliency factor immensely.  After many years as a single mother and working for two agencies that filed for bankruptcy leading to me lose my positions in the last five years- a little fortification was needed!  OK, maybe A LOT of fortification!

To be able to create and contribute to the artwork on the covers of Sharon’s poetry collection, Tapestry and her memoir, Daughter of the Mountains, has been an honor.  I think sometimes instead of blood – paint runs through my veins.  I remember some time ago; a business owner called me and requested a large fall painting by the next morning.  Well, I put my painting pants on and ‘went to town’ so to speak.  Within a couple of hours, a painting appeared of fall leaves dancing in the air with copper highlights.  She loved it!

So, thank you Sharon and High Tide Publishing for upping my resiliency factor!


Vivien B. Mann is a mixed media artist and illustrator.  She is part of the High Tide Publishing family of talented writers

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